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There are surviving lists of Protestant Householders for several parishes in Co. Longford, as well as a few in Counties Westmeath, Cavan, and Leitrim dating from 1727.
The lists for some of these parishes are quite extensive.

While these lists are referred to on several genealogical websites, we have not yet found the lists of names on any website, so we believe this may be the first time these names appear anywhere on the web.
We are starting with Cos Longford and Westmeath, with Cos Leitrim and Cavan to follow shortly.

The lists were compiled in connection with the distribution of religious books, and in some cases the lists only include housholders who did not already have copies of the books, while in others the lists appear to be a comprehensive listing of all Protestant householders in the parish.
1727 Protestants - Rathreah, Shreule, & Rahaspick (W'meath)
1727 Protestants - Street, Abbylarrah & Russah (W'meath)
1727 Protestants - Taghshinee & Abbyshrule, Clonbrony
1727 Protestants- Clongesh, Ardagh, Kilcomock (short)
1727 Protestants- Kilcomock (full), Killashee, Mostrim